Pure, genuine, relaxing game. Just
square it all!

■ Square it! is meant to become the best contemporaneous stress-relief game. Download Now!


A Relaxing and Elegant Game

500,563 Downloads in 1 month

Does Square it Seems Easy?

Might be harder at first but as your brain starts developing a strategy to solve puzzles, this challenging game will become very relaxing and strangely fun.


■ Square it! gameplay is so Clean!

With a pure, relaxing gameplay and a smart combination of colour schemes and sound, it applies a simple but genius idea – fill the area with squares, without leaving empty spaces.

∞ Infinite Puzzles

∞ Infinity Games is proud to produce only games with infinite levels. Square it is no exception!


Square it features a leaderboard. Find out if your friends have more relaxing moments than you.


No Timer

No Timer, no pressure. You can simply solve the puzzles at your pace. Faster or slower, intensively or extensively.

Uh, What?

Sometimes the abstract drawings a real figure. If the shapes remind you something else, let us warn you: You have a powerful mind!

Users who have played ■ Square it! describe it as an addicting zen game, but perfect to train mind focus and concentration. No tension or pressure.

How to ■ Square it?

Drag your finger to all 4 directions (upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right). See how the square reacts and fill the area without leaving blank spaces. When you are done, a check mark will show up – you may now share your abstract design (or maybe not so abstract) to any social network.


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